Galaxy workshop, September 2015

Attendees at a Galaxy training workshop, September 2015

Why training is needed

Advances in sequencing technologies means that it’s now possible for an individual researcher to generate large ‘omics’ datasets quickly and relatively inexpensively. The most common bottleneck in performing genomics experiments has become the bioinformatics analysis needed to make sense of the data. While the Bioinformatics Core provides a variety of Data Analysis services we also believe in empowering others to be able to do their own analysis.

How we can help

We have considerable experience in running workshops that focus on various aspects of bioinformatics and biostatistics and we continue to adapt our courses to address those skills that are currently in high-demand. Recent workshops have covered topics such as: RNA-seq analysis, variant analysis, and microbial community analysis. We make use of our computational cluster to teach participants how to analyze the large amount of data from high-throughput sequencing. We also make all documentation from previous courses available online.

During our week-long workshops, we take time to teach the background theory behind topics before moving to a variety of hands-on exercises. We also host a number of intensive but easy-to-digest one-day events providing practical answers and hands-on techniques to the hottest topics in bioinformatics. All training events provide ample time for personalized help from experienced Bioinformatics Core personnel.

Who attends our workshops?

Our popular workshops have attracted people from industry as well as from academia. We cater to people at all stages of their career and our workshops frequently feature a mix of graduate students, postdocs, and Faculty. Participants also travel from all over the USA as well as occasionally from overseas.

Next steps

Please see our events page for details of upcoming workshops or read some reviews from recent workshop participants. We have a page for Frequently Asked Questions as well as a page with details of registration and cancellation polices, but please feel free to contact us directly with any questions that you have.