Data Analysis

Increasingly, bioinformatics analysis is a bottleneck in the research process. Datasets continue to grow in size and complexity and typically require the intelligent use of many different tools to be queried effectively. With competitive rates, our skilled Data Analysis group are able to help move your bioinformatics research project forward in a number of ways, and we have the experience to assist you at every step of the process. Our expertise spans a wide range of topics, including, but not limited to:

  • Sequence QC, e.g. adapter trimming, quality trimming, duplicate removal, etc.
  • Genome assembly
  • Analysis of metagenomics and metatranscriptomic datasets
  • ChIP-Seq analysis
  • Microbial genomics
  • Analysis of epigenetic modifications, e.g. from methylation/chromatin data
  • Variant Calling and GWAS
  • Analysis of mRNA-Seq data
  • Single-Cell RNA-Seq
  • Transcriptome assembly and annotation
  • Pathway enrichment
  • Custom database creation
  • Custom code and pipeline creation

There are three main areas in which we can help you:

1. Project work

We’ll arrange an initial consultation to understand your requirements and priorities and will then develop a plan to show you how we can complete your analysis. We are happy to install any specific software that you need and will also be able to discuss alternative software solutions that you may not be aware of.

We’ll provide regular progress reports and when the analysis is finished we’ll provide you with all output files that we have generated along with any tools, scripts, and intermediate data that we develop. Furthermore, we’ll help you write the Methods section for any papers or grants relating to the work.

If you want to submit a data analysis request for bioinformatics, please create a submission in our submission portal.

2. Consulting

There is a bewildering choice of bioinformatics software available, and it can often be difficult to choose the tools that will be most suitable for your data. We can help you with this by meeting with you to help design experiments and discuss the most effective ways to analyse your data. If you want to carry out your own bioinformatics analysis but have some questions along the way, we’ll help troubleshoot your work as needed.

3. Providing letters of support

Let us help you secure research funding! To assist with your grant proposals, we can write customized support letters that describe the infrastructure and bioinformatics analyses that are available that will facilitate your research.

An extensive list of publications that features the work of the Data Analysis Group is available. Please contact us if you would like to begin a discussion about how we can help you with your research project.