Getting Around Davis

Some handy travel advice for people visiting Davis to attend one of our training courses.

By Bike

If Davis is known for one thing besides its university, it is for being one of the most bike friendly towns anywhere in the country. Davis is even home to the US Bicycling Hall of Fame. Many Davis residents even forsake the use of a car for most activities, finding biking more pleasant or sometimes even faster than getting around by car. There are numerous greenbelts, bike paths, and bike racks throughout town, and the central UC Davis campus is all but closed to vehicular traffic. As a result, most campus natives will get around by bike or similar human powered forms of transportation. For links to various shops that rent bikes, see the Renting a Bike page on the very useful site (a complete guide to everything you might ever want to know about Davis).

By Bus

The university also runs a bus service, called Unitrans, which serves most places in Davis. Prices are very reasonable at $1 per ticket, or even less for a multi-pack. Be aware that during the summer, buses run on a reduced schedule. Google maps can help you plan your route using the Davis bus system and you can also get the real-time location of buses.

By Car

Don’t know how to ride a bike, buses make you claustrophobic? It’s okay, people drive here too. For a list of car rental agencies, see this page. If you are planning to park a vehicle on campus, the cost is currently $10/day (see here for more information).