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Bioinformatics Core Manager

Ian-Korf Prof. Ian Korf, Ph.D.
UC Davis Genome Center
4333 Genome and Biomedical Sciences Facility


Bioinformatics Staff

Core Staff Email:

Core Staff Phone: (530) 752-2698

Core Staff Address (map):
UC Davis Genome Center
Genome and Biomedical Sciences Facility
451 Health Sciences Dr., Rm. 1300
Davis, CA 95616


Joseph Fass Dr. Joseph Fass, Lead Scientific Programmer ( Joe migrated across a few disciplines, starting with an undergraduate degree in chemical engineering, a PhD involving cell biology, microscopy, and neuronal development, and several postdocs in molecular biology and computational biology labs. In 2007 he joined the Bioinformatics Core, picked up perl and some unix/linux tricks, and jumped on the next generation sequencing bandwagon. Joe enjoys wrestling with genome assembly and frustrating his colleagues with 1,000-character unix “one-liners.”
Monica Britton Dr. Monica Britton, Sr. Bioinformatics Analyst ( is the resident biologist in the Core (living proof that a bench scientist can learn to use command line), with a PhD in Genetics. She enjoys discussing experiments with researchers, analyzes data, and organizes workshops.
Dr. Jessie Li, Bioinformatics Analyst
Nikhil Joshi Nikhil Joshi, Bioinformatics Programmer/Analyst ( Joshi is a bioinformatics programming, database delving, salsa dancing, scrabble playing genius. He has a Master’s degree in Computer Science and a PhD in sheer chutzpah.
Richard Feltstykket Richard Feltstykket, Systems Administrator ( is the Linux/UNIX Sysadmin for the core. His esoteric specialties include wrangling and debugging scientific code and building high performance computing and storage.
Adam Schaal Adam Schaal, Database/Web Programmer ( fan of open source technologies, Adam enjoys the challenge of building web applications that help researchers organize and share their data. After a 3 year hiatus in Paris, France, Adam was drawn back by the allure of working with the cutting edge technologies and brilliant people of the Bioinformatics Core. When not engrossed in code, Adam can be found keeping off those programming pounds by participating in copious amounts of sporting activities.
durbin-johnson-blythe Dr. Blythe Durbin-Johnson, Principal StatisticianBlythe Durbin-Johnson received her doctorate in Statistics from UCD in 2003, with a dissertation focused on data transformations for gene-expression microarray data.  Following two years as a post doc at UC Berkeley, she spent four years at Genentech designing and analyzing data from clinical trials for oncology drugs.  She returned to Davis in 2009 in order to exchange a daily drive to work across the San Mateo Bridge for a 20 minute bike ride.  When not working with the Bioinformatics Core, she analyzes all manner of clinical and molecular data for clients at the UC Davis Medical Center.  In her spare time, she plays cello with the Medical Center String Quartet, an ensemble made up of UCDMC faculty and staff.
Dr. Keith BradnamKeith Bradnam has been working in the bioinformatics field since 1993 and can thus talk comfortably about Gopher servers and other relics from the pre-world-wide-web past. He has experience in a variety of areas, particularly those relating to the structure and evolution of genes & genomes. Most importantly, he is innately distrustful and suspicious of nearly all bioinformatics data.