Feedback from the September 2015 ‘Using Galaxy for Analysis of High Throughput Sequence Data’ workshop


“I enjoyed learning about the different uses of NGS (RNAseq, ChIP seq, etc). It allowed me to consider new ways of addressing questions within my field of interest.”

“The lecturers were helpful and nice, so led to comfortable learning atmosphere”

“It was demanding but I loved it”

“I really enjoyed the RNA-seq material. I appreciated that the worshop lecturers made themselves available for questions. I never felt like I was asking a ridiculous question. They were all very helpful!”

“Performing the exercises with the opportunity to ask questions throughout was the most useful aspect of the workshop.”



Feedback from the March 2015 recent ‘RNA-Seq and ChIP-Seq Analysis with Galaxy’ workshop


“Monica and Joe were very helpful, able to answer virtually any question.”

“Offers a good overview of the two topics promised, ChIP-seq and RNA-seq. Also offers a good tutorial of how to use galaxy and AWS for computing. I feel better prepared to analyze my own data and know where I can go to learn more about the parameters, etc. of each of the tools we used.”

“Experienced teaching, good flow, good talks and material.”

“Overall I am extremely happy with everything I have learned in just 4 days – and overwhelmed by what is yet left to learn! I wanted to get a basic understanding of the tools that go into the completed analysis I receive from my sequence provider. I also wanted to be able to give a go at doing the analysis myself. The course definitely met these needs”