We recharge on grants for project work at the following rates:

Rate Name Programming and Data Analysis
Project meetings no charge
UC Recharge Rate $97
Non Profit/Educational Rate $151
Industry Income Rate $186

* These rates are subject to change
For initial meetings or meetings updating clients on work performed.

To give an idea of how many hours a project may take, here are a few examples:

Project type Approximate number of hours
 A typical 2 condition RNA-Seq differential expression analysis with a model organism  15-20 hours
 A draft assembly of a small micro-organism using Illumina paired-end sequences and PacBio reads  40
 Setting up a linux web server for you, that hosts Galaxy with some of your custom tools and data  20

For a more detailed estimate, please contact us.


We request co-authorship (and will assist with manuscript preparation) if we have developed novel tools, algorithms, or pipelines, participated in experiment design planning, or have contributed substantially to a biological question addressed in a manuscript (see ABRF’s Authorship Guidelines). We ask that, at minimum, you acknowledge us in a publication to which we have contributed routine analysis, data management or conversion, or data submission services.