1. Download the FileZilla client and install it.

2. Log in to your Galaxy instance.

3. Open FileZilla and click on the Site Manager button.



4. Add a new site, name it, and enter the IP address of your instance in the “Host” text box. This address can be found in the “Public IP” field of the instance information from the AWS console. It can also be found underneath the FTP directory listing when you click on “Upload File” in Galaxy (see step 7). Choose 2200 as the port and SFTP as the protocol. Choose “Ask for password” for “Logon Type” and put your user email address from Galaxy into the “User” text box.  Click “Connect”.



5. Once the connection is successful, you can drag and drop files from your local directory to the FTP server. File transfers may take a long time depending on your file size.



6. Once the upload is completed, you can go back to “Upload File” in Galaxy (you will have to click on it again) and you should see your transferred data in the FTP listing. Choose the files you want in your history and click “Execute”. Once the files are transferred to your history, they are deleted from the FTP directory.