We offer a number of research computing services that can enhance your ability to conduct bioinformatics analyses.

Currently, there are two main areas where we can help you:

1. Software Development

We build tools for your research. With experience in bioinformatics, software development, and systems administration, we can build anything from Laboratory Information Management Systems to online collaborative research tools to simple websites. The Bioinformatics Core focuses on using free and open source technologies, which helps to keep things flexible, and free from vendor lock-in and ongoing licensing costs.

View details of some of the software tools that we have developed.

2. System administration

Supporting your lab’s computing infrastructure. We’ll design, purchase, and set up your hardware for you. Furthermore, we’ll perform all system upgrades, install software as needed, and upgrade/replace bad hard drives or other components.

Please contact us if you would like to begin a discussion about how we can help building infrastructure to help support your bioinformatics research.