Analysis and interpretation of RNA-Seq data, particularly to identify differentially expressed genes, has become an increasingly popular method used by genomics researchers. The first paper that explicitly mentioned ‘RNA-Seq’ in its title was published in 2007; since then there has a been an explosion of interest in this field:


Number of publications that mention ‘RNA-Seq’ in their title (data from Google Scholar)

Growth of RNA-Seq publications


While it has become easier (and cheaper) to generate the raw data for an RNA-Seq experiment, the successful analysis of such data can remain challenging. Part of the difficulty associated with such analysis stems from the myriad number of tools that are available to work with RNA-Seq data.

The Data Analysis Group has extensive experience in working with RNA-Seq data. We are skilled at performing differential expression (DE) analysis to identify up– and down-regulated genes and we also have considerable familiarity in generating transcriptome assemblies.

We are now offering a new fixed-price service (see Rates) for the identification of DE genes from a number of input samples. Our powerful pipeline will clean your input data, align to a target transcriptome and/or genome, and perform a detailed DE analysis. In addition to making all of the raw mapping data available, we will provide you with the output of the DE analysis (a table of statistically significant up- and down-regulated genes), and can help you write the methods for your publication.

We also offer a number of consultation services which may be suitable for people who already have mapped RNA-Seq data or who are still at the planning stages:

  1. We can advise on the most suitable experimental design for your RNA-Seq experiment
  2. We can assist you with the analysis of RNA-Seq data that you may have already mapped to a reference transcriptome or genome.
  3. We can provide guidance as to the suitability of different statistical approaches for identifying DE genes.

Please get in touch to see how we can be of service to you.