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Registration is now open for our new Microbial Community Analysis workshop, which will cover amplicon community profiling, as well shotgun metagenomics/transcriptomics.

With high-throughput sequencing (HTS) of entire microbial communities we are rapidly advancing our understanding of the composition and functional content of microbial communities involved in climate change, environmental pollution, human health, biotechnology, etc. Using these data we are able to achieve the most complete picture of the taxonomic (i.e., what organisms are there) and functional (i.e., what are those organisms doing) composition of microbial communities, making it possible to perform investigations that include organisms that were previously intractable with culturing based methods. With HTS all organisms contained in an environmental sample are sequenced in a culture-independent manner, using either amplicon based methods to investigate the taxonomic content or whole-genome/transcriptome shotgun-based methods to investigate both the taxonomic and functional content of the sampled community. This workshop covers both the molecular laboratory techniques used to assay microbial communities (by lecture only) and their corresponding bioinformatics methodologies and analysis using command-line oriented tasks and applications.

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