Overview - High Perfomance Computing

The Research Computing Group designs and operates HPC (High-Performance Computing) resources campuswide, including the Life Sciences SuperComputer (LSSC0). LSSC0 is currently the largest HPC Resource at UC Davis. Under constant expansion (largely from faculty investment), this computing cluster currently has tens of thousands of CPU cores, hundreds of terabytes of RAM, and tens of petabytes of attached storage. Contributors and their designates have access to all of the pooled resources of the cluster, such as nodes with terabytes of RAM for memory-intensive workloads or GPU nodes for machine learning or other software that require it.

The Research Computing group serves the greater campus community and can help provide:

1. Access to HPC resources (both shared and/or dedicated)

Arrange a meeting with us to discuss your research needs or scalability/big data questions and we can provide advice on what to purchase or budget for regarding HPC/Cluster computing, data storage, or cloud computing. Our staff have a wide variety of experience assessing needs and crafting recommendations that fit within the many types of constraints experienced by researchers.

2. Consulting

The Research Computing Group’s mission is to accelerate the pace of research at our institution. To that end, we can provide specialized training or support. This often equates to months or years head start on applying research computing technology to research problems.  

3. Letters of support

It is becoming increasingly common for granting agencies to review proposals for adequate HPC requirements. We can help ensure that your proposal correctly reflects the HPC resources required to carry out your research.