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This course will cover the basics of Amazon cloud computing with a focus on running Galaxy, as well as learning the basics of Command-Line, for bioinformatics analysis. The morning session will include Amazon account signup, overview of services offered focusing on those key to bioinformatics, security, running Galaxy in the cloud, data movement and processing, monitoring, and more.  The afternoon session will focus on learning the basics of Command-Line bioinformatics analysis.  This will include the basics of the Command-Line interface, moving data, running bioinformatics software, analyzing results, and installing new software. This bootcamp is specifically designed for researchers in small and medium-sized labs who want to leverage Galaxy in the cloud for data analysis as well as bioinformaticians looking to leverage the power of the Command-Line.

This bootcamp is ideal for both novices to cloud computing and the command-line as well as experienced bioinformaticians. Class size will be limited to ensure a fully immersive hands-on experience as well as access to instructors.

Who Should Attend

  • Undergrads, Grad students, Post-docs, and PIs that want to use powerful computing resources for Galaxy, but don’t have access locally
  • Bioinformaticians that don’t want to deal with the overhead of having local computing infrastructure to run Galaxy
  • Researchers that want to learn the command-line to analyze data in a more powerful way