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Next generation sequencing (NGS) technologies allow laboratories to do genome-wide research that was previously only possible at large genome centers. The Galaxy platform is a web-based front-end that can run almost any bioinformatics tool, and is completely open-source and freely available. During the morning session of this bootcamp, we will explore key principles of major sequencing technologies (Illumina, 454, SOLiD, Ion Torrent & PacBio) including technology basics, technology-specific error modes, experiment design considerations, data grooming, and application-specific benefits and pitfalls of specific types of sequence. The afternoon session will introduce participants to the Galaxy platform, which gives you the ability to do accessible, reproducible, and transparent computational biology research. We will explore the fundamentals of navigating the Galaxy interface, create and share workflows, and perform basic data grooming on Illumina sequence data sets.

We welcome undergraduates, grad students, post-docs, and PI’s who have relevant biological knowledge but are new to bioinformatics. Participants may also consider taking the “Introduction to the Amazon Cloud for Galaxy and the Command-Line” bootcamp as well, which will introduce participants to Amazon Web Services (AWS) and allow you to launch a virtual machine in Amazon’s cloud running Galaxy for your own personal use.