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By popular demand, the Bioinformatics Core is going to be back in action teaching its popular series of bootcamps in May and June. Having just rapped up another successful series of bootcamps last week, we look forward to hosting the series again from June 18-21!

Also, in an attempt to serve the Sacramento based UC Davis community, we are going to hold additional bootcamps on the UC Davis Medical Center campus in Sacramento during 3 Fridays in May (10th,24th, and 31st).  Enrollment for the May bootcamps will be capped at 35 participants.  Enrollment for June (Davis) bootcamps will be limited to 18 participants, and only 10 for Cloud Computing.

Participants can choose to mix and match dates and locations if they like. The following courses will be offered:


The cost for each Boot Camp is $200 (academic) or $250 (non-academic). There is an additional discount of $25 per day if registering for more than one day (e.g. Academic for: 1 day=$200, 2 days=$350, 3 days=$525, 4 days=$700. Non-academic for: 1 day=$250, 2 days=$450, 3 days=$675, 4 days=$900).


If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us:
Core email:
Core main telephone line: 530-752-2698