Click on the start menu, go to the WinSCP menu, and click on WinSCP. Type in for the Host Name, and your given username and password, and press “Login”.



If a security window pops up like below, then press “Yes”.



On the left hand side is the directory structure of your local machine, and on the right hand side is the directory structure of your home directory on chianti. On the chianti side, navigate to the remote folder by double-clicking on the those folders. On the local side, navigate to your Desktop by clicking on the folder labeled “..” with an arrow pointing up, and then on the folder called “Desktop”. Then simply drag the file ctcf.peaks.html from the right side to the left side of the window. Alternatively, you could simply drag the file from the remote directory directly to your local desktop. If a dialog box pops up, select “Copy”.

Winscp3.jpg Winscp4.jpg