Single Cell RNA-Seq Workshop in December!

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December 18-20: Single Cell RNA-Seq Workshop   Registration will be opening soon for this workshop! Presented topics will include experimental design, data generation, and analysis of single cell RNA sequencing data (primarily generated using the 10x platform) on the command line and within the R statistical programming language. Participants will explore software and protocols, create… Read more »

RNA-Seq Workshop in June!

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Registration is now open for a UC Davis Bioinformatics RNA-Seq Workshop! June 19-23, 2017   Now in its 10th year, the UC Davis Bioinformatics Core Training Program will present a week-long RNA-Seq Workshop here in Davis in June! This workshop will include a rich collection of lectures and hands-on sessions, covering both theory and tools… Read more »

Ensembl Genome Browser Workshop — May 18-19

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The Bioinformatics Core and the Shields Library are hosting an Ensembl Genome Browser Workshop on May 18 & 19! For more information and to register, go to Ensembl provides a comprehensive and integrated source of annotation of both vertebrate and non-vertebrate genomes. This workshop will include presentations and demonstration, and provide participants an opportunity… Read more »

Microbial Community Analysis, March 21-23, 2016

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Registration is now open for our new Microbial Community Analysis workshop, which will cover amplicon community profiling, as well shotgun metagenomics/transcriptomics. With high-throughput sequencing (HTS) of entire microbial communities we are rapidly advancing our understanding of the composition and functional content of microbial communities involved in climate change, environmental pollution, human health, biotechnology, etc. Using… Read more »

2016 Bioinformatics Training Program Preview

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We are planning 3-4 workshops this year including: March 21-24: Using Command-Line for Analysis of Community Profiling/Metagenomics Experiments (More info and registration announcement coming soon!) June 13-17: Using Galaxy For Analysis of High Throughput Sequence Data* Aug 29-Sept 2:  Using Galaxy For Analysis of High Throughput Sequence Data* December TBA:  Using Command-Line for Analysis of… Read more »

UCSC Genome Browser Workshop, December 7-8, 2015

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This workshop is co-hosted by the Bioinformatics Training Program and the Data Intensive Biology Training Program. Instructors: Dr. Robert Kuhn and Angie Hinrichs, UCSC   If you are a UC Davis School of Veterinary Medicine student or affiliate and would like to register, please contact Dr. C. Titus Brown ( Otherwise, click to register: Register… Read more »